Egypt's situation that couldn't get any worse...just got worse

Wild rumors are flying around Cairo following the news that the official announcement of who won the presidential election last weekend will be "delayed": The result of Egypt's presidential election has been delayed, state television has said. It had been due to be announced on Thursday, but the Higher Presidential Elections Commission (HPEC) says it needs more time to look into complaints presented by the candidates. Both candidates, Mohammed Mursi and Ahmed Shafiq, say they won last weekend's run-off vote. Meanwhile ailing ex-President Hosni Mubarak remains in critical condition. [...] Some 400 election complaints have been filed by the two candidates, according to HPEC, and no new date has been set for the announcement of the result. Nader Omran, a spokesman for Mr Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood, told the BBC that the result announcement should not be delayed. "It will bring more tension to the people - they should end the story tomorrow (Thursday)", he said. Mr Mursi's campaign...(Read Full Post)