David Duke of the KKK hates Jews/Zionists more than blacks

Members of the KKK by definition hate Jews, and hate blacks. So what would they do if a black person, who also hated Jews/Zionists and, separately, whites in general, ran for office? For KKK member David Duke, a proud member of the Louisiana state legislature, this was no problem--hating Jews trumps hating blacks. And so Duke, crawled out of the Louisiana swamps long enough to release a video endorsing Charles Barron, a black wannabe New York State legislator involved in a Democratic primary, who is also volubly anti Jewish and anti Israel.

In a race for Congress between an anti-Zionist black activist and a black activist who is a bought and paid for Zionist Uncle Tom, I'll take the anti-Zionist any day. In this election of limited choices, I believe that Charles Barron is the best choice. Why? Because I think there's no greater danger facing the United States of America and facing the world than the unbridled power of Zionist globalism.


Charles Barron stands against that power. If I lived in New York City, I would certainly vote for Charles Barron.


I certainly agree with Barron that Israel is the worst rogue terrorist state on Earth. It's not Iran, folks. Barron is certainly right about Zionist control over the media and our government, and the treason that's existed in our Congress and he's right about the fact that Zionist wars have caused the death or harming of hundreds of thousands of Americans and cost you trillions of your tax dollars. Barron's opponent, on the other hand, is a complete Zionist sellout of both the black people and all the people of America.

However, what about Barron's anti white rhetoric? In a bizarre plea for inter-racial harmony, Duke urges Barron to build a bridge of hate between the two races by focusing on the real cause of evil.

"Black leaders like Barron should work to lessen the enmity between blacks and whites and realize that the Jewish extremists in America keep whites and blacks from mutually solving our interests and differences," Mr. Duke says. "The Zio masters want constant conflict between the two groups so they can utilize a divide and conquer strategy over us all."

While a few Jewish Democrats, notably former New York mayor Ed Koch, Rep Jerrold Nadler and New York State legislator Dov Hikind have condemned Barron, tellingly, most Democrats have remained silent, not willing to denounce hatred if it will alienate a vital segment of their constituency. Other pet Democrats known for trumpeting white racism such as Rev Al Sharpton are also glaringly silent. Indeed, some unions, city--government--unions at that, whose members, it goes without saying, uniformly vote Democratic, have not been silent at all but have publicly, proudly hailed Barron, most notably, as Ben Smith of Buzz Feed reported 

Two major city public worker unions, District Councils 37 and 1707 of the giant American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, have already endorsed Barron against Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, a relatively moderate legislator who has championed charter schools, a union bugaboo.

And BuzzFeed has learned that their powerful federal parent union, known as AFSCME, is planning to dive into the race on Barron's behalf. Another key New York State public workers union, the Civil Service Employees Association, meanwhile, blocked an AFL-CIO effort to endorse Barron's rival.

"We respect the voice of our members," AFSCME spokesman Chris Policano told BuzzFeed. "With the unanimous endorsement of the three affiliates, there will be money spent in this race."

The third AFSCME affiliate, CSEA, says it has not in fact technically endorsed Barron, and its president, Danny Donohue, is currently locked in a bitter campaign to lead AFSCME against its current chief, Lee Saunders.

But CSEA also played a key role in helping Barron, giving a requisite sign-off on the parent union's spending, its political director, Fran Turner, confirmed Monday, and blocking a labor move against Barron.

Turner also confirmed that she put a stop to an AFL-CIO effort to throw grudging labor support behind Jeffries, though Turner said the move reflected merely a process concern, not her support for the controversial Barron.


[T]he two big city public workers unions, DC 37 and DC 1707, are firmly in Barron's camp, as he has been with them on issues centered on funding for public workers' jobs, notably a recent fight over city plans to shift money away from unionized day care jobs.

"He's always been there when we asked him to be there," said DC 1707 political action director G.L. Tyler, who said his statements on issues outside New York City government are "not our concern."

Apparently then hatred outside, or inside, New York City, are "not our concern" as long as union workers get union jobs at high union pay no matter how, no matter why.

But what about the teachers, the educators of the young?

[T]he United Federation of Teachers, has balanced its distaste for Barron's ideology and its dislike of Jeffries' support for experiments in education, and stayed neutral.

"His outrageous comments have prevented them from going all the way to an endorsement," said another New York labor leader. "But they're not helping any one defeat him."

In other words, again, as long as the unions get theirs, morality and decency are irrelevant.

So now union Democrats are united in bigotry with David Duke and the KKK. These political strange bedfellows deserve each other! Decent people don't.