Clemens walks

Roger Clemens has been acquitted of all six counts of lying to Congress over his use of performance enhancing drugs.  After a reported 3 million dollars in taxpayers' money being expended on prosecuting him twice -- the first prosecution ending in a mistrial owing to federal prosecutorial misconduct, the jury refused to convict. CNN:

 The case against Clemens involved one count of obstruction of Congress, three counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury. He was not charged with illicit use of performance-enhancing drugs, but his denial of such use was part of the case against him.

Eric Holder's Justice Department has suffered another humiliating defeat in court, demonstrating incompetence or worse in the first trial, and then doubling down in a second and losing.

Serious charges, such as those against the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia filmed wielding billy clubs to intimidate voters, have gone unprosecuted, while the Department wastes its time on dubious charges that caused no injury or financial loss to any innocent persons.

Another black mark for Eric Holder