China: Abort Your 'Illegal Baby' or Pay Government 4 Years Salary

The Obama administration and our taxpayer dollars help fund the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) to the tune of $50 million annually. UNPF's operation in China coerces women into having only one child. If a woman gets pregnant a second time, the government sends in "persuaders" on a daily basis to convince her to abort her baby. If she doesn't want to abort her baby, her only other recourse is to pay a fine four to six times her annual salary. Bob Fu, a spokesman for the Evangelical Protestant organization China Aid interviewed a "family planning" official with the government of Changsha City, in the Chinese province of Hunan about a specific case now playing out inside a hospital. After Bob Fu asks the official whether there was some way for the government to do the humane thing and let a five months pregnant woman keep her second child without paying the heavy fines the official replies: "Don't talk human rights to me, China has its own policy." But China doesn't couch its...(Read Full Post)