Calling Jorge Ramos: Hispanics Are More Interested in the Economy Than in Immigration

Am I the only Hispanic who is a bit confused with the disproportionate amount of the time the Spanish-speaking media devotes to immigration?

Watching Jorge Ramos's Sunday program leads you to think that Hispanics are talking immigration 24/7.  His recent interview with Senator Rubio was all about immigration.  At one point, he complained that Sen. Rubio does not defend "undocumented" workers.

I wonder if someone has told Jorge Ramos that "Hispanics" have 11% unemployment in the U.S., or that there are thousands of Hispanic young soldiers in Afghanistan.

This week, we got more evidence that Hispanics care a lot more about the economy than immigration:

U.S. Hispanics prioritize immigration, healthcare, and unemployment to equal degrees, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll asking about the importance of six national policy issues.

Twenty percent of Hispanics each mention one of the top three issues as mattering most to them, while 17% name economic growth, 11% name the gap between the rich and poor, and 7% name the federal budget deficit.

Hispanic registered voters, however, put healthcare and all economic issues before immigration, which 12% name as their most important issue.

These findings make a lot sense to those of us who talk to Hispanics every day.  Even illegal immigrants are disgusted with the Obama economy and going home as a consequence.  I had an illegal immigrant say to me the other day that Obama has been a disaster -- i.e., no immigration reform, and a lousy economy!

Here is the bottom line: most Hispanics see themselves as Americans.  They have the same concerns that all of us do.  They also share a respect for the rule of law.

What about all of those polls that show that Pres. BO leads Gov. Romney among Hispanics? 

Let me go on record and say that I am very skeptical about these numbers -- especially the size of the Obama advantage.

First, elections are about turnout, and Hispanics usually don't.

Second, Hispanics are thinking about the economy, and Obama has nothing to say to them about that topic.

Third, the aforementioned Gallup poll lists the federal deficit as another major concern.  Pres. Obama does not have anything to say on that topic, either.

Save this one and check it out on the Wednesday after the election.  My prediction is that this is the year that Hispanics show up to vote about the economy rather than immigration.  This is the year that we finally put to rest the idea that Hispanics are talking about immigration 24/7.

Again, calling Jorge Ramos.  Can someone change the coffee that he drinks on Sunday mornings?

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