British PM's interesting take on 'No Child Left Behind'

In David Cameron's case, it was his 8 year old daughter who was left behind at a pub.

New York Daily News:

British Prime Minister David Cameron left his 8-year-old daughter behind at a pub after lunching with his family and some pals a few months ago, Downing Street admitted.

Nancy Cameron wandered off to the bathroom while the prime minister and his wife, Samantha, were sorting out rides home from The Plough pub in Cadsden, a hangout near their country retreat, Chequers, the British press reported.

Cameron caught a lift in one car with his bodyguards, while Samantha went in another with their children Arthur, 6, and Florence, 22 months.

Both thought little Nancy was riding with the other.

"The prime minister and Samantha were distraught when they realized Nancy wasn't with them," a Downing Street spokesman told reporters. "Thankfully when they phoned the pub she was there safe and well."

Cameron dashed back to the 16th century ale house and found Nancy hanging out with the staff.

The tyke was there for about 15 minutes, officials said.

A local barfly sniffed at the flap, telling The Sun newspaper, "You'd have thought someone would have done a headcount or something."

"It's frightening the prime minister of Britain can forget something so important as his own daughter."

The Downing Street spokesman said Cameron took responsibility for the mixup, and wouldn't say whether the PM was boozing with his brunch, the Guardian reported.

"As you know, the prime minister is a very busy man but he always tries to live as normal a life as possible with his family," the spokesman said.

No word on whether Cameron's chief of security was fired. That would seem to be the minimum required when you consider what might have happened if terrorists were tailing the PM.

As for Cameron himself, one can understand why he might have thought his daughter was in his wife's car and vice versa. Should he have checked? Not when it's the job of security to make sure that the PM and his family are safe at all times.

I can't imagine such a calamity befalling the first family. Perhaps its a difference in culture but parliament might want to look into security procedures surrounding their prime minister.