Barbara Walters tried to get Assad aide a job at CNN

Let this be a lesson to all mainstream media types; if you're going to help a foreign nation infiltrate our media, don't put anything in writing. New York Post: Just weeks after TV doyenne Barbara Walters landed an exclusive interview with brutal Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, she tried to get his comely young press aide a job at CNN and a spot at Columbia University, newly released e-mails show. A humbled Walters apologized yesterday after a Syrian opposition group exposed the cozy - and questionable - e-mails she exchanged with Sheherazad Jaafari, the glamorous, 22-year-old former Assad adviser, who helped arrange the big "get" with the Middle East strongman last December. The "View" founder had called Jaafari "dear girl" and signed her e-mails "Hugs, Barbara" while Jafaari referred to the 82-year-old TV veteran as her "adopted mother." A few weeks after the airing of the Damascus interview, in which Assad brazenly denied ordering the bloody crackdown that has cost...(Read Full Post)