At least 90 dead, 260 wounded in Iraq attacks on Shias

A resurgent al-Qaeda or Sunni insurgents? Whoever it is, they're trying to reignite sectarian conflict in Iraq by murdering dozens of Shia pilgrims commemorating the death of Mohammed's grandson. New York Times: Shortly after midnight Wednesday, a homemade bomb exploded here in the capital, a harbinger of mayhem. Around 5 a.m., a truck bomb exploded in Kadhimiya, a Baghdad neighborhood where Shiite pilgrims had begun to gather to commemorate the life and death of a revered imam who was the Prophet Muhammad's great-grandson. Then, reports of other attacks flooded in from around the country - Samarra, Kirkuk, Mosul, Falluja, Ramadi, Hilla - and by midday officials said more than 90 people were dead and at least 260 were wounded. The attacks were a reality check for a country that has made substantial steps toward a sense of normalcy. A front-page newspaper article here on Wednesday heralded the return of women to local cinemas. Lately, new red double-decker buses have begun...(Read Full Post)