25% of registered voters undecided?

So says the latest AP/GFK poll. The trick is, how many of that 25% are actually going to vote? The campaigns are playing this race as if the persuadables are closer to 10% rather than 25%. And they are concentrating on those who can be persuaded in battleground states. Romney will waste little money on trying to persuade California independents to support him, nor will Obama devote many resources to going after indies in Tennessee or Mississippi. To be sure, many of the 1-in-4 voters who today say they are uncommitted will settle on a candidate by Election Day, Nov. 6. Until then, Obama and Romney will spend huge amounts of time and money trying to win their votes, especially in the most competitive states that tend to swing between Republicans and Democrats each presidential election. Obama and Romney face the same hurdle, winning over wavering voters without alienating core supporters they need to canvass neighborhoods and staff telephone banks this fall to help make sure...(Read Full Post)