Wisconsin recall election not just about Governor Walker

Dana Loesch at Breitbart.com updates on the Wisconsin union's attempt to obliterate the will of the people because well...the will of the people went against them and so they instituted a recall gubernatorial election. But that isn't working out too well for the unions either as embattled governor, Scott Walker (R), is leading in the polls. However his lieutenant governor's position, Rebecca Kleefisch (R), isn't quite as solid. So, continuing the Democratic war on women, the Democrats are focusing their resources on her opposition hoping to defeat her which would somewhat neutralize Walker should he win.

Today Michelle Malkin, Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politics and ShePAC, and I are launching a #Rally4Rebecca money bomb to help the conservative, grassroots mom defeat big labor on June 5th. Will you help? Every bit counts.

As Loesch points out

If Walker wins but Kleefisch loses, labor and their Democrat allies will still claim victory and Walker won't be viewed as having won absolutely. Kleefisch is dangerously low on funds, too, as Big Labor drops major coin against her this week in an all-out ad war leading up to election day. (snip) If the Obama-backed labor machine fails a second time to oust Walker-Kleefisch, this defeat will resonate all the way back to the White House.