What if they had an election and Hispanics voted for something other than immigration?

We've argued for years that Hispanics are not talking about immigration 24/7.  In other words, most Hispanics are in the country legally or born in the US.   IBD highlights a new poll about Hispanics.  It won't be good news for the Obama reelection team and their efforts to "scare" Hispanics in 2012. Here are the key findings of the poll: An October 2010 study by Pew found that just 29% of Latinos said illegal immigrants' impact was positive vs. 31% who said the impact was negative.  Another 30% saw no impact. Among native-born Hispanics, 36% said illegal immigration had had a negative effect, while only 24% said it was positive. The same study found that Latinos rated immigration fourth on their list of top issues, behind education, jobs and health care.  Only 32% rated it as extremely important. For U.S.-born Latinos, immigration ranks sixth, also dropping below the budget deficit and the environment. Amazingly, Pew even found that immigration...(Read Full Post)