Unions may have brought on disaster for themselves in Wisconsin

Karma may be catching up to Big Labor in Wisconsin.  Remember when noisy, vulgar vandals invaded Wisconsin's State Capitol, spray painting graffiti on the pristine white marble? Remember when the legislative Democrats fled the state to prevent majority rule taking place? Remember when the labor unions raised millions to gin up the necessary number of signatures to launch a recall election for Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch?  The bosses made the mistake of believing their own propaganda.

Three polls this week indicate a 5 to 6 point margin favoring Walker in the special election three weeks from now. John McCormack at The Weekly Standard:  

In the past week, three different pollsters have polled the Wisconsin recall race, and all three came up with virtually identical results. Last week, a Rasmussen poll showed Governor Scott Walker leading Democrat Tom Barrett 50 percent to 45 percent. Yesterday, the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling showed Walker leading Barrett 50 percent to 45 percent. And today, a new Marquette Law School poll shows Walker leading Barrett 50 percent to 44 percent.

Even better, Republicans are significantly more motivated to vote. The Marquette University Poll reports:

Republicans are more likely to say they are "absolutely certain" to vote on June 5, at 91 percent, than are Democrats and independents, both at 83 percent. In other areas of participation, Republicans also have an advantage. Sixty-two percent of Republicans say that they have tried to persuade someone to vote for or against a candidate, compared to 54 percent among Democrats and 48 percent among independents. Democrats, however, are more likely to have been contacted by a campaign, 83 percent, to 78 percent for Republicans and 76 percent among independents. These rates are for all registered voters in the sample, not just likely voters.

The DNC has stopped supplying money for the election, essentially giving up. The greedy public employee and teacher unions have awakened the Wisconsin taxpayers. Could Wisconsin be going from blue to red? Ann Althouse:

 Walker looks to be in fine shape, and what's more, conservatives seem highly activated and on task. The people of Wisconsin seem to be ripening into conservatives. On the morning of November 2, 2010, I wrote a post titled "Waking up in a red state." It was startling at the time: Walker, both houses of the legislature, Ron Johnson toppling Feingold. Those who didn't believe this could be happening fought hard. Maybe it was a weird and temporary deviation. The protesters chanted that they were what democracy looked like and they mounted their recall in search of the true read of the people of Wisconsin. Now, what?

Glen Shulfer has created a music video supporting Gov. Walker, and it is pretty good. Check it out:


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