Strip club, Obama campaign are recipients of Chicago vendor payouts

What would the City of Chicago be doing when cutting a vendor check to a strip club? Or, the 2008 Obama for President campaign for that matter? From the For the Good of Illinois website: Q: What do a well-known Chicago strip club and the President's campaign fund have in common?" A: Both received public funds, showing up as "vendors" to the City of Chicago. ___ Two days ago, For the Good of Illinois added another tranche of data to our online transparency portal at This installment includes every check written by the City of Chicago from FY 2002 to 2011. It contains $74 billion in vendor payments. Last year alone, over 69,000 entities received checks, and you can see it all at The data contains numerous details: vendor code, transaction id, PO number, fund, department, amount, check number, and date. Here's a curious item found while digging though the data... The Admiral Theatre, Inc., is a strip club on the northwest side of the city. Obama...(Read Full Post)