Romney and Obama: The gratitude divide

One of Mitt Romney's personal traits that goes unmentioned in the Obamedia is his humility.  Much like Ronald Reagan, Mitt has that "aw, shucks" kind of modesty about himself and his accomplishments that is particularly appealing when contrasted with the windy, self-congratulatory cockiness of his Democrat opponent.
Make no mistake, Mr. Romney has a lot to be proud of.  His business acumen dwarfs that of the entire B.O. administration.  He has a beautiful, successful family and an impeccable personal history.  His missionary work and charity work and continued donations to his church and the needy are exemplary.  Especially compared to someone like, oh, for instance,  Joe Biden.  When it comes to charitable contributions, Cement-head Joe treats nickels like they are manhole covers.
Despite a complete dearth of actual accomplishments in the real world, a history of nasty and under-handed campaigning and morally repugnant stances on abortion, health-care for seniors and the state of Israel, B.O. was comfortable with his media enablers referring to him as a Messiah.  He actually suggested that the seas would cease to rise as a result of his being elected.  Never mind that he can't get a single Congressional representative to vote for his lame budget proposals and hides his college transcripts and maybe even about his " two sons." Perhaps he is waiting until October to reveal that he sprouted fully formed from the head of Zeus. Yeah, that's why there is no birth record.
Mitt Romney, as wealthy and successful as he is, comes across to me as a good neighbor who is humbly grateful to have been born an American and to have had the opportunity to thrive and the freedom to build a great life here.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, is grumbly hateful that America hasn't given him and his whiny minions that to which they have come to feel entitled.  A great majority of Americans seem to be coming to this same conclusion. November can't get here soon enough.
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