Obama's politics of distraction

While Europe is inching ever closer to plunging into a financial abyss, there are moments of comic relief provided by the current President of the United States.  He has not only become the butt of innumerable jokes but his re-election campaign tactics are the stuff of low-brow comedy. A case in point, his recent "evolution" in to supporting gay marriage.

Today Tim Stanley of the U.K. Telegraph writes:

The day after North Carolina voted 60-40 to ban gay marriage, Barack Obama did what any sane politician would do...endorse gay marriage.  He told ABC that he felt compelled to by the gay interns he knew, his wife, his children and Jesus.  Why did he do it?  Sheer, naked opportunism.  Like the contraception issue before it, this is an attempt to distract from how bad the economy is.  What will Obama do next in his desperate bid for re-election?  Make a claim on the Falklands?

It is unlikely that Obama is taking a principled stand for civil rights.  In 1996, he said he was for gay marriage.  In 2004, when he was running for the Senate, he said that Jesus told him it was wrong (Jesus apparently, changes his mind almost as often as the Prez).  In 2008, he repeated that gay marriage was a step too far.  Then I he started to "evolve" and, like the caterpillar, he turned into a beautiful pink butterfly.

Also, Mitt's reputation for flip-flopping is no longer a problem.  Obama just flipped right over his head, did a 180 in the air, and landed on his backside on the other side of the political compass.  Flopping is a dead issue in 2012.

There is little doubt that the geniuses in the Obama re-election campaign are hoping that this tactic will reach the same level of distraction that the so-called "war on women" achieved while enabling them to pull in millions of dollars from the gay and Hollywood crowd whose only interest is their unfettered lifestyle. 

However, this is not a matter of who pays for contraceptives; it strikes to the very heart of society.   Virtually every time the issue has been brought up to a popular vote the gay marriage propositions have been defeated -- in 32 states.  

With this and his other many cynical tactics combined with an economy that will get worse as the year goes on, Mr. Obama has assured his defeat in November.  All the Republicans need do is ignore this sudden transformation, reiterate their support for heterosexual marriage and then allow and rely upon the average voters in the various states to ban gay marriage.  All the while Mitt Romney and all other Republican candidates must focus entirely on Obama's appalling economic record.

As for those on the left ecstatic about this endorsement, Tim Stanley cautions:

As for gay rights campaigners, I hope they won't be fooled by this empty, cynical gesture.  Why did Obama wait until after the North Carolina vote to back gay marriage?

Cowardice, perhaps?  Ladies and gentlemen, Obama is a politician.  He'll take your money and your votes and give you nothing in return.  At least Mitt Romney might cut your taxes.


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