Obama May Lose To A Grass-Roots Operation Chaos In Texas

Don't look now, but President Obama could actually lose his party's nomination contest in this week's Democratic primary contest in Texas.  Probably not to any one of the three candidates opposing him, but he could still get less than 50% of the Democrat votes in the Texas Democratic primary.  That would be pretty embarrassing.  Almost a "no confidence" vote among Democrats.

Embarrassment is really all that is at stake.  President Obama locked up the Democratic nomination for president weeks ago.  Now the primary votes are an occasion for protest votes against President Obama and his policies.

And things are starting to look pretty ugly.  On May 9, 41% of voters in the West Virginia Democratic primary voted for an inmate in a federal prison over Barack Obama.  "They voted out of frustration," the gaff-prone Vice President Joe Biden explained.  No kidding!  With the official unemployment rate still above 8% two years after a recovery started, no wonder only 53% of Americans envision worse economic times ahead.

Then Democratic voters in Arkansas and Kentucky handed President Obama more embarrassments, with 40% or more voting for other candidates or, in the case of Kentucky, voting for "uncommitted" over President Obama.

The Washington Post quickly scrambled into action, attributing the West Virginia, Kentucky and Arkansas votes as Appalachian racism in action.

Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, himself no stranger to being smeared as racist, engineered "Operation Chaos" in 2008, calling for his listeners to support Senator Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, after it became apparent that Obama was heading for victory as the Democratic nominee.  Obama still won the Democratic nomination, but Limbaugh may have swung the states of Ohio, Texas and Indiana to Hillary Clinton, prolonging the Democratic contest as designed.

The voters in West Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky, and possibly Texas seem to be doing their own "Operation Chaos," but so far as I know, Rush Limbaugh has had nothing to do with it.  In fact, this looks to be a totally grass-roots inspired Operation Chaos.  Seems as if Democratic voters still see a lot of embarrassment to be had in voting against the candidate who has already secured the Democratic nomination.

Recent actions between the federal government and the State of Texas may have further inspired Democratic voters there to vote against President Obama.  In March, the Obama Justice Department sued Texas over the newly-enacted Texas Voter ID law.  And the Obama administration has also threatened to cut off Texas women's health programs because of Texas' attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Voters, especially Texans, don't like their states being sued by the federal government.  And it shows in the Lone Star State.  Recent polls showed that Obama's re-election is favored by a mere 38% of Texas voters, while a solid 54% of Texans disapproved of President Obama's job performance.

Like in some other states, Texas primary contests allow for Republicans to vote in Democratic primaries, and vise versa.  However, any Republican who votes in Tuesday's Democratic primary so that they can vote against President Obama would be barred from voting in the possible Republican Senate run-off election to be held July 31.  In other words, those Republicans who want to vote against President Obama in the Democratic primary will not be able to vote in the up-coming July 31 Senate run-off contest, which will probably be between Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Solicitor General and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz.

But even Democrats in Texas may not be as indifferent towards President Obama as were Democrats in other states.  In Texas, Tuesday may be payback time.  President Obama may learn that it just doesn't pay to mess with Texas.