NY Times spotlights Palestinian 'naqba,' ignores Jewish 'naqba' in Arab lands

Each year,  Palestinians commemorate with raucous protests their "Naqba" -- a presumed "catastrophe" due to the founding of Israel.  One people celebrates its anniversary, the other hangs on to its sense of victimhood. In its May 15 edition, the New York Times, takes due note of the Palestinian "Naqba," which occurred this year just as Palestinian prisoners ended a nearly-month-long hunger strike that sought more favorable treatment while in Israeli detention.   Here's how Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner puts it: "The two sides had seemed intent on reaching a deal before Tuesday, when the Palestinians commemorate the "naqba," or catastrophe, on the anniversary of Israel's declaration of independence in 1948.  The war that followed the declaration led to the flight or expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and the day is traditionally observed with protest marches." ("Palestinians In Jails End Hunger Strike - Agreement to Improve Israeli...(Read Full Post)