Norwegian socialist links massacre with Mossad

Most european leftists just can't help themselves when it comes to Jew hate. Therefore, it's not surprising that Norwegian socialist Johan Galtung tried to link the tragic massacre of children last summer with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

He also recommended reading the debunked book "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."


Professor Galtung, 82-years-old, is one of the founders of the discipline called "Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution," as well as a founder of the international Peace Research Institute in Oslo. He is considered well-respected sociological researcher, has been awarded many prizes, and is the author of over a thousand articles and over a hundred books. Some of his work has also been translated into Hebrew.

Galtung's repeated anti-Semitic remarks were exposed by the website of the Norwegian periodical, "Humanist." ( Some of the comments were made during a lecture at the University of Oslo last summer, and others were written by Galtung in response to an article critical of him that was published in the periodical.

Among other claims, Galtung stated that there is a possible link between Anders Behring Breivik, responsible for massacring dozens of children in Norway last summer, and Jewish and Israeli factions. The connection is supposedly based on the fact that the murderer has ties to the "Freemasons" organization, "which has Jewish origins," according to Galtung. The supposed connection to Israel is through the Mossad - which Galtung believes might have given Breivik his orders.

In the same breath, Galtung mentioned a conspiracy theory, linking last summer's massacre in Norway with the attack on the King David Hotel, carried out by the Etzel in 1946 - both attacks took place on July 22. He finished with this astonishing claim: "It will be interesting to read the [Norwegian] police report on Israel, during the trial."

In an email exchange with Haaretz on Sunday, Galtung requested to clear up his claims. "When we know nothing about who is behind Breivik, including whether there is anybody at all, any hypothesis is legitimate; that is in the nature of research," wrote Galtung.

This is a "social scientist?" A sixth grader using Google could discover in 30 seconds that "Protocols" is a forgery written by a member of the Russian secret police in the early 1900's. And why would Mossad use this pathetic creature Breivik in any operation, much less a terrorist assassination of children?

The idea that "any hypothesis is legitimate" might be true, but connecting the massacre with Mossad is not a hypothesis in any sense of the word. It is a blood libel. And Galtung has shown himself to be as ignorant and uninformed as any other anti-Semtic leftist in Europe.

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