Life imitates art in Obama's references to his 'sons'?

Obama's references to his "sons" has a loose parallel with a 2004 comedy film lampooning the TV news business and, specifically, a slick and brainless news anchor.

In "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," San Diego anchor Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) gets himself fired when, at the end of a broadcast, he fails to say his regular sign-off line, "You stay classy, San Diego!" Instead, because a female co-anchor and rival has messed with his Teleprompter, Burgundy says, "Go f--k yourself, San Diego!"

Burgundy didn't mean to say it, but as always he was merely reading exactly what appeared on his Teleprompter, just like Obama is prone to doing.

Could Obama's latest verbal gaffs be a case of life imitating art -- not Freudian slips as many are speculating? Specifically, could a disloyal staffer on Team Obama have sabotaged the president's Teleprompter, knowing that he'll read whatever is on it?

Incidentally, "Anchor" not only lampoons phony TV anchors, but goes onto take swipes at Fox television and George W. Bush. In other words, it reflects Hollywood's liberal bias. Obama, of course, has Hollywood in his pocket, so he doesn't have to worry about being portrayed as a presidential Ron Burgundy in any future Hollywood films. 

For a relevant YouTube clip from "Anchorman," click here.  (Warning: strong language.)

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