House Votes to Limit DOJ Funding Unless Holder Comes Clean

The House voted on a controversial funding limit amendment Wednesday evening to stop Attorney General Holder from lying to Congress. 

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) initiated the move to cut off Holder's DOJ allowance for 2013 unless he tells the truth about the gun walking operation known as Fast and Furious. 

The amendment to H.R. 5326, an appropriations bill funding Holder's agency for 2013, was in response to a February 4, 2011 letter to Congress in which DOJ officials denied any involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. Months later after damaging contradictions and discrepancies surfaced the Department was forced to rescind the letter.

In a 381-41 vote, House members including 142 Democrats, overwhelmingly sided with Chaffetz. The peoples' representatives decided taxpayer monies should not be used to support liars.

But the best expression of outrage over the DOJ's above-the law attitude came from Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

There hasn't been a demotion, there hasn't been a firing, there hasn't been a sanction, there hasn't been a frowny-face on a performance evaluation.

I'm thinking there are some politicians who have reached their limit of patience with Holder and Company. Not even one darn frowny-face.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) told the Daily Caller "It's abundantly clear that when it comes to cooperating with Congress, the Attorney General's arrogance knows no bounds." 

House Speaker John Boehner spoke at a press conference Thursday and still couldn't bring himself to utter the c-word. But he did vow to stand with Rep. Issa in getting "to the bottom of Fast and Furious." 

I'm supporting their efforts to hold those people in the Department of Justice accountable for what happened...The committee has work to do; they know what they have to do. They're pursuing a lot of unanswered questions. And I would hope that they would continue that ...All options are on the table.

Some bloggers who have elevated Operation Fast and Furious to 'Murdergate' have noted some forward movement by lawmakers in bringing justice to the families of the victims.

Others see Republicans as a bunch of foot-stomping, spineless establishment politicians who in the end won't do anything.

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