Hard to believe Obama didn't approve literary agent listing him as born in Kenya

It is going to be hard for the media to argue this was some inadvertent error as almost all the big names there have literary agents and know the unwritten rule that an author controls what gets said about the author.

It should be noted that many of the talking heads on cable TV have  have authored books and therefore presumably have literary agents.  Thus they are familiar with practices in the industry.  I suspect their experience mirrors that of
PJ Media founder Roger L. Simon. 

... as the author of 11 books, I can say that in EVERY instance that I have been published, I have seen such material in advance. It could be that Obama is the exception, but that is highly unlikely.

It's always been my understanding the author controls what is said about the author's background by the literary agent, the editor and the publisher.  That certainly was my experience both when I worked for a professional magazine and when I've written articles in professional and general interest publications.  We might advise that some aspect of their background be highlighted over another but everything got double checked with the author.

Since the blurb that appeared in the
1991 promotional booklet by literary agents Acton & Dystel appears to contain information about Obama's place of birth that he presumably never got to see I think both his supporters and detractors can agree:  Obama must be considered sui generis among authors of memoirs, law school professors and presidents.   If Bill Clinton was first in his class when it came to his relationship with the truth, Obama is a class all of his own. 

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