Greek radical socialists torpedo talks to form government

There is absolutely no incentive for the Coalition of the Radical Left party led by Alexis Tsipras to join a "unity government" being proposed by President Karolos Papoulias, and save Greece from certain default. Polls show that if Tsipras can torpedo these talks, the elections he would force next month would bring his party into power. New York Times: If Mr. Papoulias fails to get party leaders together in a coalition that can command a majority in Parliament, he will call a new election and appoint an interim government to lead Greece until then. The date mentioned as most likely for the election is June 17. The political wrangling once again highlights the clash in Greece between democracy and market forces. Greece's political parties need to form a government that reflects the will of the people - who on May 6 largely voted against the loan agreement and would probably take to the streets if a new government paid them no heed - without reneging on the country's...(Read Full Post)