Frenzied Wash. Post speculation about trouble for Israel at Syrian border: Wishful thinking?

Israel's border with Syria has been quiet for nearly a year while Bashar Assad's regime keeps slaughtering its people, but leave it to the Washington Post to see dark clouds gathering for Israel -- with refugees and terrorists set to stream across the border as anarchy prevails in Syria and Bashar Assad might lose his grip on power ("Unease settles over Syria-Israel border - Tumult gripping Damascus frays nerves at long-calm border" by Karin Brulliard, page A8, May 9). Brulliard's article, illustrated with a map and a photograph, takes up most of the front page of the international news section of the May 9 Post.  And judging by the caption, the headline and the main thrust of the article, here supposedly is another major headache in the offing for Israel, especially if Assad is toppled.  In other words, it fits the usual Post narrative. "Some Israeli observers say the fall of Syria's regime could transform the Golan Heights from placid disputed territory into a...(Read Full Post)