For Equity Markets, Week of Facebook Worse Than Week of Lehman

Facebook went public Friday May 18, 2012 almost three years into a recovery, while Lehman Brothers collapsed Monday September 15 2008, almost a year into a recession. Here is how the equity markets looked in both of those weeks:    The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost only 28 points the week of the Lehman collapse, yet dumped 449  points the week of Facebook.    The Nasdaq gained 71 points the week of the Lehman collapse deep into the Bush recession, yet lost 129 points the week of Facebook, deep into the Stimulus recovery.    The S&P 500 gained five points the week of the Lehman collapse which took place well into the "worst recession since the great depression," yet Lost 56 point the week of "good-times-are-back" Facebook.    Of all three major indexes, the S&P 500 reflects the broadest understanding as to where firms stand in terms of investors' returns. Well, the week of Facebook, the Index closed at 1,295, while the week of...(Read Full Post)