Except for the facts, the New York Times was correct

Earlier in  the week, the New York Times ran a front-page story regarding the supposed plans of Republicans to run attack ads highlighting Barack Obama's relationship with Jeremiah Wright, Jr. Accusations of racism (again) were raised. The paper milked the story-publishing a follow-up article the next day. On the third day, the paper did not rest and ran an item in its Political Memo section. The only problem was that there were no facts behind the "story". The whole tale was trumped up by the paper. Joe Scarborough offers fine commentary over at Politico: Perhaps this news story might justify a three day roll out if, in fact, that narrative were accurate. Sadly, for the New York Times and Barack Obama's campaign, it is not. Despite what the Times claims, the undisputed facts are these: 1. There was no "secret plan" by "strategists" or "financiers" to push the Wright story, 2. The super pac in question asked advertisers to bring them ad ideas focused on the federal...(Read Full Post)