Arrogance in Chief

NBC Chicago's  Mary Ann Ahern tweeted about Todays; NATO meeting in Chicago.

POTUS jokes why the #NATO fuss "this isn't a big as Taste of Chicago."

Maybe Obama needs to talk to the hundreds if not thousands of business that are losing money because the Loop is reported to have been a ghost town since Friday.  Those businesses will have to pay twice.  First there are the restaurants and retail outlets that lost revenues because of the hundreds of thousands of people who can't enjoy Chicago's beautiful lakefront and her world class museums this weekend.  Then there are the financial and commercial businesses that won't be open or if open not fully staffed tomorrow because of cancelled commuter rail service, closed major arterial streets, restrictions on CTA train services and rerouted buses will make it hard for employees to get to the office.  All these business owners will then have to pay again for the taxes revenues needed to pay for additional police and security services. 

Well done Mr. President.