A Different Kind of 'Learning Experience' at North Rowan High

Here's another example of the standard wagon-circling to occur when a lefty public schoolteacher goes off the rails. The article at the Salisbury Post refers to a recently uploaded YouTube video in which a teacher insists that speaking ill of the president can land you in jail.  But the article doesn't do the video justice; with all the sedate word choice in the former (the teacher "goes on the defensive," "says," "says," etc.), readers can hardly get a sense of how this woman actually sounds in the latter.  "Yelled" and "shrieked" would be more appropriate. According to the teacher, whom neither the Post nor the school system will name (though the students involved in the argument have named her), Romney "is running for president.  Obama is the president."  This, according to the teacher, means that only one of the two men can be criticized.  Furthermore, "[a]s a teacher, I'm not supposed to allow you to disrespect the president of the United States. ...(Read Full Post)