What NY Times and Wash. Post kept secret from readers in April

April Fool's Day is not the only day of the year when the NY Times and the Wash. Post serve up misleading coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  When it comes to developments on that front, any day of the year qualifies for pouncing on and blowing up Israeli flaws, while carefully censoring Palestinian misdeeds.  The net result, fabricated but clearly intended:  Only Israel stands in the way of peace. Here is a compendium, by no means complete, of events that NY Times and Wash. Post editors and correspondents chose to ignore in just one month, starting with April Fool's Day: April 1-Hamas official urges Palestinian women to blow themselves up "for the sake of Jerusalem." April 2-PA arrests woman for criticizing Abbas on Facebook, cracks down on journalists. April 3-Palestinian revisionism - Moses was a Muslim who led Muslims in exodus from Egypt. April 3-Medieval blood libel of Jews gaining in popularity in Jordan. April 4-Rocket explosions in Eilat - one rocket...(Read Full Post)