VP Biden: Al Franken 'leading legal scholar'

According to Vice President "Slow Joe" Biden, Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota), a/k/a, Stuart Smalley, is a "leading legal scholar."

At least that's how Biden described former Saturday Night Live comedian and current Democratic Senator Franken. The Washington Examiner picked up that priceless nugget from a pool report. Biden also described Franken as "deadly serious" as a senator.

Not to be too judgmental here, but, based on the sophomoric level of humor he offered, many thought Franken was deadly serious as a comedian, too. For the record, Franken never attended law school.

To be fair, judged only by the standards set by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and others in the Democratic caucus, Franken may indeed be the leading legal scholar on the left side of the aisle in the Senate.