'Victims' of Nutella chocolate spread (and their lawyers) win $3 million class-action settlement

Americans with fat behinds, low IQs, and a hankering for Nutella chocolate spread have won a great moral and legal victory courtesy of the beneficent nanny state and vigilant law firms.   A $3 million class-action lawsuit has been settled against the Italian maker of Nutella -- all for having "implied" in its advertising that the chocolate spread is healthier than it really is. One of Nutella's allegedly duplicitous television commercials, below, shows a pretty soccer mom serving her kids Nutella for breakfast. What must TV viewers of a certain ideological percussion have thought of this commercial? Probably something like: Isn't it disgusting how capitalistic pigs like Nutella sell their unhealthy products to America's unsuspecting moms and their kids? The main issue in the suit, according to the class-action claim's website, is that "Defendant Ferrero made representations through its marketing and advertising of Nutella brand hazelnut spread, improperly suggesting that...(Read Full Post)