Uproar over student newspaper's politically incorrect Trayvon Martin cartoon

Tensions are simmering between liberal and conservative students at the University of Texas, Austin. At issue is a politically incorrect editorial cartoon in the student newspaper, The Daily Texan, lampooning the media's coverage of the Trayvon Martin case. Student Stephanie Eisner, a sophomore, used to be a cartoonist at the newspaper, but she was fired for having drawn the cartoon. Her ouster followed protests from outraged liberal students, many of them blacks and Hispanics, who accused editorial board members of being racists for having allowed the cartoon. The Daily Texan subsequently pulled the cartoon, titled "The Media," from its website and it apologized profusely for publishing it. Now, Eisner and conservative students are fighting back by circulating a petition: It demands that Eisner get her job back. Her cartoon depicts a woman reading a children's book to a shocked little girl. The book's title: "Trevyon Martin and The Case of Yellow Journalism." In a...(Read Full Post)