The Sudan Declares Jihad War On South Sudan

After ethnically cleansing its over 500,000 Christians, the rogue Arab Islamist regime of the Sudan has declared war on the Christian and black South Sudan, which broke away last year after peace talks under UN auspices supposedly ended the civil war, in which an estimated 2 million, mostly civilians in the south and in Darfur were killed.

The UN would have you believe this is about a dispute over the Heglig oil field, which the South Sudan occupied after Sudan began violating the borders and attempting to seize the South Sudan's oil wealth in other areas. It isn't. It is and always was about jihad, domination and control.

The Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, who is already under indictment as a war criminal for genocidal activities, showed how flawed that notion is, announcing "Sudan should not be ruled separately in the north and the south, either they (SPLM) come and control Khartoum or we go and control Juba. Heglig isn't the end, it is the beginning, and we shall go all the way to [South Sudanese capital] Juba."

You have to wonder how long the West is going to allow maniacs like al-Bashir a free hand.

Here we have a people who were murdered, raped and enslaved for decades who finally managed to break away and declare themselves a free country. South Sudan is a UN member, and the UN charter specifically forbids aggression by one member against another.

Yet no one at the UN took action against The Sudan during the genocide in Darfur and the South beforehand, and no one is doing anything meaningful now to stop it from happening again.

Because it involves Muslim aggression against non-Muslims, and it is Muslims who now control the UN. Simple as that. I guarantee you that if Bashir Assad's opponents in Syria were exclusively Christian and non-Arab, you wouldn't be hearing or reading much about that either. And had Moamar Khaddaffi's opponents in Libya been Christian and non-Arab, there would have been no NATO or UN involvement whatsoever.

And what of our President, who was so quick to intervene in Libya and even though it was really about protecting European oil deals, used as his excuse the moral high ground of protecting civilians? Barack Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian. Is he going to defend black Christians against Islamist jihad, rape and murder?

Based on his actions thus far on this situation, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His work has appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Los Angeles Times, Ynet, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Breitbart.Com  and other publications.

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