Syrians pour into the streets during cease fire to protest Assad rule

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians took to the streets of every major city to protest the rule of Bashar Assad. The shaky cease fire - which appears to be holding despite the government's failure to abide by its conditions - has encouraged citizens to go into the streets to demonstrate. Unfortunately, some things don't change. Syrian forces fired on peaceful protestors in Hama, killing at least three people. Telegraph: Security forces were out in strength to control the anti-Assad rallies, demanding protesters obtain permits for the right to rally in the streets. The advance team is "standing by to board planes and to get themselves on the ground as soon as possible" in anticipation that the UN security council will grant approval for the mission, Annan's spokesman Ahmad Fawzi told a news conference in Geneva on Friday. A contingent of 10 to 12 people UN observers are ready to board a plane to Syria, the spokesman for Annan said on Friday. Syrian forces tightened...(Read Full Post)