Special Prosecutor will not present Martin case to grand jury

At least one law enforcement official in America is keeping a level head over the Martin shooting. Washington Post: The case was expected to be taken up as early as Tuesday by a grand jury. But special prosecutor Angela Corey said Monday she will not bring the case before a grand jury. Corey said she continues to investigate the case, and that her decision to skip the grand jury should not be a factor in determining whether charges will be filed against Zimmerman, the Associated Press reports. The decision now rests with Corey, who would provide no further comment. Corey has two choices left, according to CNN: File charges or drop the case. Corey previously told CNN she has never used a grand jury to decide on charges in a justifiable homicide case. "We do a thorough investigation. We make that decision ourselves," she told the network. Under Florida law, only first-degree murder cases must be presented before a grand jury. [...] Corey has handled hundreds of homicide cases...(Read Full Post)