Someone in California Finally Shows Some Intelligence, but then Folds

The budget crisis in California affects many aspects of life there. Students attending Santa Monica College suffer from a lack of class offerings. Consequently, some students are unable to graduate or complete certain programs.Then somebody in California actually considered how to solve a problem rather than giving up or begging for state support which would not be forthcoming. The solution was simple. Offer additional sections of the class in short supply but rather than charge the approved $36 per credit hourly rate actually ask students to pay the full cost of the class, about $180 per credit. Naturally, all hell broke loose. After enduring student protests for nearly a week, the Chancellor of the California community college system forced officials at Santa Monica College to fold -- that is, they could not offer the extra sections. The unintended consequence of this weak action is that students not permitted to pay the extra amounts to take a required or necessary class will not...(Read Full Post)