Sex after Death

Ah, you've just got to love the results of the "Arab spring."  Such wonderful things have evolved from the people's revolution.

Among the most amazing results, according to Lee Moran of the UK's Daily Mail, Egypt's husbands will soon be permitted to have sex with their wives up to six hours after their death.  Moroccan cleric Zamzami apparently broached the subject of "farewell intercourse" last May when he was giving serious consideration to the eternality of marriage. Evidently, the phrase "I'll love you forever" will take on a new meaning for Egyptians.

Apparently in a rush to assure the alarmed that death really is the great equalizer, the cleric said that women also have the right to have sex with their dead husbands.  How a wife/widow is to coax a dead man to perform was evidently a matter of such delicacy that stipulations for women on how to have coitus with their departed loves was left unmentioned. 

According to Mr. Moran, also to be added to the privilege of legalized necrophilia is legalized pedophilia.  The marriage age is to be lowered to fourteen for women, who are also about to experience rollbacks in education and employment.

Sex after death.

Let's hope the story proves to be false.  But if it is true, what other wonderful advances for women will democracy bring to the Middle East?

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