Searing indictment of Wash. Post news coverage on its own op-ed page

In its April 6 edition, the Washington Post features an op-ed column by David Keyes, executive director of Advancing Human Rights, on media silence about brutal crackdowns by Hamas in Gaza and by Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority in the West Bank on critics, dissidents and on-line activists ("Where's the outcry over Palestinian censorship?" page A15). The Keyes piece amounts to a sharp indictment of the Post's own news pages for suppression of the news when it comes to intimidation and imprisonment of Palestinian journalists who deviate from the official line in areas under Hamas and PA control. Keyes starts off by documenting the sad tale of university lecturer Islam Abdul-Khaleg, languishing in solitary confinement for advocating dismantling of the Palestinian Authority and for calling Abbas a "fascist." Her case, he points out, is by no means an exception.  Slander of high PA officials is punishable by up to two years in prison.  In Gaza, Hamas has cracked down on...(Read Full Post)