Santorum huddles with supporters while Rubio urges him to quit

The latest numbers coming out of Pennsylvania as well as rising calls for him to retire from the race has Rick Santorum huddling with key conservatives to try and figure out a way to remain a viable candidate. Politico: Rick Santorum huddled in Virginia Thursday with a group of longtime conservative activists in what several participants described as a late attempt to rally the right and block Mitt Romney's nomination from becoming inevitable. The former Pennsylvania senator met in Tysons Corner with a crew of GOP fixtures, led by Reagan-era activists Richard Viguerie and Rebecca Hagelin, to discuss a path forward in the presidential race. The Santorum campaign confirmed that the activists had reached out to request time with him. fter losing the Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington D.C. primaries this week, Santorum has been battling calls for him to withdraw from the race. The group he met with today includes a number of hard-line ideological stalwarts who remain committed to...(Read Full Post)