Rep. Issa Stonewalls Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious has a body count-people are dead. The mainstream media are still calling it a botched sting and most recently "a conspiracy theory in search of a scandal." The arrogant and contemptible Mr. Eric Holder has stonewalled the investigation for more than a year and perjured himself all over the place. You'd think with the "most corrupt administration in history" Congressman Issa would have stopped crying wolf by now. But it's just the opposite. After the Los Angeles Times reported contempt charges were imminent against Attorney General Holder, Issa appeared on Fox News Friday and refused to give a straight answer when asked point blank by Megyn Kelly about the time frame. Is he kidding? Here's a partial transcript from the interview: MK:  House leaders have drafted a proposed citation of contempt for the attorney general of the United States, is that true? DI:  the working documents we believe the LA Times have originated in our committee and are...(Read Full Post)