Rep. Issa Stonewalls Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious has a body count-people are dead. The mainstream media are still calling it a botched sting and most recently "a conspiracy theory in search of a scandal."

The arrogant and contemptible Mr. Eric Holder has stonewalled the investigation for more than a year and perjured himself all over the place.

You'd think with the "most corrupt administration in history" Congressman Issa would have stopped crying wolf by now. But it's just the opposite.

After the Los Angeles Times reported contempt charges were imminent against Attorney General Holder, Issa appeared on Fox News Friday and refused to give a straight answer when asked point blank by Megyn Kelly about the time frame. Is he kidding? Here's a partial transcript from the interview:

MK:  House leaders have drafted a proposed citation of contempt for the attorney general of the United States, is that true?

DI:  the working documents we believe the LA Times have originated in our committee and are part of our ongoing options...

MK:  they speak, write of, a 48-page draft document being drawn up by you, by you and your office, is that the case?"

DI:  Well, by definition we've made it clear repeatedly including when Attorney General Holder was in front of our committee, that our patience is limited...Congress was lied to, the American people were lied to on February 4th of last year and ten months later when they finally admitted that it was an outright lie, we included in a subpoena the legitimate necessary request to tell us how that lie came to be and tell us what happened during the intervening ten months. The attorney general has flat refused to give us any documentation after February 4th, but on the other matter he's also refused to give us the kind of information that matters such as who works at Justice today here in Washington who was part of this failed program...who made decisions and wanted this program and is still working there; and the president should not have confidence by any means in any of those people."

MK:  Forgive me...but I have to ask...if there is a 48-page draft of a citation of contempt that you or your office has prepared?

DI:  There is a document, we haven't seen this document [LA Times one] we can't be sure if the same it is...

Let's remember something, 12 Secret Service agents made a terrible lapse in judgment in Cartegena, 9 of them I believe today are gone. In many ways a much worse lapse in judgment that has led to the death of Brian Terry and led to the death of countless Mexicans on the other side of the border...and these people still have their jobs, and we don't have their names for sure.

MK:  But if Speaker Boehner gave you the green light to go ahead with the contempt citation, that takes it to another level, has that happened?

DI:  Well, I think the speaker's office will have to confirm some things...All the members of my leadership agree that we're entitled to documents, the American people are entitled to documents of discovery they haven't been given...the attorney general and I are at odds. He wants to view what he gives us as those things he thinks we need. Quite frankly, for those old enough to remember, Richard Nixon thought there were a lot of things we were not entitled to that ultimately the American people were glad that Congress got. This is the same situation. It is about what happened after Brian Terry died, after these weapons have long since denied...

MK: What is the time frame on this [for the DOJ to comply with your requests]...before they actually do get hit with a contempt citation?

DI:  Although we have a few other discovery, we are to a great extent stalled because of the cover-up and the stonewalling from the Justice Department...the American people have a right to know who decided and who covered up.

Is Congressman Issa playing politics? The time is long gone when Americans can tolerate a politician's diversionary tactics. He speaks about Americans wanting answers. Well, we do want them about Fast and Furious, but we also want them from him.

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