'Red Ken' Livingstone will roll out welcome mat for Muslims if elected mayor of London

Saying he wants to make London, a "beacon" of Islam, former mayor Ken Livingstone is neck and neck with current mayor Boris Johnson in the race to reclaim the office he held for 8 years. Needless to say, the 200,000 Jews who call London home are not happy with Livingstone's surge in popularity in recent days, and several Jewish members of parliament have come out in opposition to his candidacy. Times of Israel: Livingstone's attitude to Jews and other minorities has been a factor for the wider electorate as well. On March 1, Jewish Labour supporters attended a private meeting with Livingstone in order to explore ways in which he could reconnect with his alienated Jewish voters. Livingstone responded that they would not vote for him anyway, as the Jewish community is "rich." Six of the attendees wrote a letter expressing concern to British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (who is himself halachically Jewish), which was later leaked, garnering national attention. "Whereas...(Read Full Post)