On Self-Hating Jews

I am at Gleason's Gym.  Where else would I be on a Saturday morning?  I am teaching Bruce.  We've been working together for years.

He tells me, "There are too many self-hating Jews."

Bruce doesn't know that he is a self-hating Jew.  He doesn't realize it.  He voted for Obama...case closed.  I miss the days when Bush spoke up for the Jews.

I don't want to hurt his feelings.  I say, "You're right.  David Mamet and Norman Podhoretz write about self-hating Jews."

"We have to defend Israel," he says.  Yet he votes for the enemy.  That's like Obama saying he is Israel's best friend.

"Obama was born a Muslim," I say, "and we expected him to do well with Muslims, but he let the Middle East fall apart."

"He's not a Muslim now," Bruce says.

"Even before he screwed up the Middle East I knew that Obama was no friend to the Jews," I tell Bruce.  "In his Cairo speech he leaned away from the Jews and towards the Muslims.  He has consistently insulted Netanyahu.  During Bush's reign, Gaddafi gave up his nuclear weapons.  Now Egypt has gone over to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Syria is in flames.  Tunisia, a country I visited in 1970 when it was American-friendly, is losing out to sharia.  Iran is waiting to nuke Israel and wipe it off the face of the map."

Bruce thinks that he is a real supporter of Israel.  He wants to be open-minded.  He doesn't realize that open-minded is no-minded.  He praises Israel and visits it, but by supporting Obama, he has done everything to destroy it.  Bruce thinks that he is an understanding, charitable person...as he inadvertently consorts with Obama and Ahmadinejad to throw Israel off a cliff.

Yet Bruce is one of my best friends.  I'd like to yell in his ear, "You've got it all wrong!"  But when someone has it all wrong, he can't possibly hear it right.

Bruce is obviously a Democrat.  All good intentions and no good deeds, all the while celebrating his failed morality as if generosity to our enemies were not harmful to ourselves.

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