Obama's Cure for Illegal Immigration Worse Than the Disease

President Obama's economic policies amount to chemo-economics, as he is using these policies like a cancer therapy to "cure" the nation of what he perceives as the "disease" of capitalism.  With food stamp usage at an all time high, millions dropping out of the labor market and no longer being counted in the unemployment numbers, and 50% of the recent college graduates either unemployed or underemployed, Obama's "cure" seems to be working quite brilliantly. There does appear to be one unintended side-effect of chemo-economics, though, that Obama and the Democrats certainly didn't count on, something that conservatives can actually be happy about.  As pointed out in Rick Moran's recent piece, and in this Washington Times piece that was mentioned by Rush Limbaugh on his show Wednesday, chemo-economics seems to have had an apoptotic effect on illegal immigration.  Net immigration from Mexico has stopped and may have reversed according to a Pew report. From the Times...(Read Full Post)