New Jersey Voters Support NYPD Tactics on Jihadism, Reject Christie's Criticism

Quinnipiac University polling data released today (4/11/12) indicate that by a wide margin, 71% to 20%, New Jersey voters the affirm that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is "doing what is necessary to combat terrorism" by gathering information on Muslim organizations and activities in the Garden State.  And by another wide margin, 62% of New Jersey voters believe the NYPD treats Muslims appropriately,  while only 18 percent indicate that Muslims are targeted unfairly by the NYPD. Moreover, New Jersey voters disagree, substantially, 56% 32%, with Governor Chris Christie's criticism of New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's tactics to combat jihadism. The questions addressing and responses these issues are reproduced from the survey, below: 32. "Do you think the New York City Police Department has unfairly targeted Muslims to combat terrorism or has acted appropriately?" Appropriate: 62% Unfair: 18% Don't know: 20% 33. "As you may know, in an effort to combat...(Read Full Post)