and the Auto Bailout

Following their typical headline style,'s latest reads "The Big Secret The GOP Wants To Keep Hidden About A Certain Bailout." The bailout they're speaking of here is the auto bailout. Keep in mind that the leftists over at MoveOn are selective in which bailouts they like. The bank bailouts? Horrific. Why is the auto bailout different? It was passed by a Democrat, of course.  The chart they use is posted below:

Two hundred and seven thousand jobs is certainly impressive, especially in light of how the chart shows jobs in the industry rebounding after the bailout. What isn't measured by the chart however, is the cost of the bailout. In total, $79.6 billion were spent on bailouts to the auto industry. Dividing this cost by the amount of jobs created since June 2009, each new job came with a price tag of $383,429.67. The average auto worker's salary is around $52,000, by the way.

MoveOn may be correct in asserting that there's a great big secret about this bailout, but it's questionable that it's the GOP that wants to keep it a secret.

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