It Talks! New NoKo leader speaks in public for the first time

The baby-faced dictator has been in power since December but they haven't let him utter a public word until now.

Washington Post:

Newly in charge of a country where leaders are idolized but rarely heard from, Kim Jong Eun on Sunday stepped onto a balcony in Pyongyang overlooking tens of thousands. He moved toward a podium affixed with seven identical microphones. And then he spoke.

The young North Korean leader, in his first public address, told a packed crowd of soldiers and citizens that he would follow the legacy of his father and grandfather and prioritize the country's military strength.

In the speech, broadcast on state television, Kim recited the points emphasized in Pyongyang's propaganda, saying he would not be intimidated by foreign aggressors. But the speech marked a stark reversal from the style of late leader Kim Jong Il, whose voice was heard publicly only once by North Koreans - and for a matter of seconds - when he shouted "Glory to the heroic Korean People's Army!" at a military parade in 1992.

Kim's Sunday speech lasted about 20 minutes. He spoke assuredly but fixed his eyes on his notes. He wore a dark Mao suit, and when he finished he remained on the observation deck overlooking Kim Il Sung Square, clapping and saluting while he watched a massive military parade.

"Superiority in military technology is no longer monopolized by imperialists," Kim said.

Not exactly "peace through strength" but you get the picture.

Of course, deities aren't supposed to speak to mere mortals (the first time the Japanese people heard Hirohito's voice was when he announced the surrender), so it is kind of a surprise that the young Kim would break with tradition and allow the people to hear his voice. Maybe they think the people need a talking God to keep them in line.

Perhaps Barack Obama will offer some tips to the youngster on the art of delivering political stemwinders. Judging by his first effort, the kid needs a lot of work.