Infidel Hedegaard avoids prosecution for Islamic blasphemy in Denmark. For now.

Intrepid Danish journalist, historian and President of the Free Press Society Lars Hedegaard, has been acquitted unanimously by a panel of seven Supreme Court justices.  led by Chief Justice Børge Dahl. Hedegaard was accused of intentionally denigrating Muslims in breach of Article 266b of the Danish Penal Code, which states, Whoever publicly or with the intent of public dissemination issues a pronouncement or other communication by which a group of persons are threatened, insulted or denigrated due to their race, skin color, national or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation is liable to a fine or incarceration for up to two years. The Court stated in a press release that "there has been no basis for convicting him of intentionally disseminating his remarks to a wider audience." As a result, the Court found no grounds for remitting the case for re-trial in Superior Court, which convicted Lars Hedegaard after he had been found not guilty in the lower court. Although...(Read Full Post)