Hi Patriots, from Day One: Tea Party Express VI National Bus Tour

Lloyd Marcus reporting in from Tea Party Express VI national bus tour, day one.  We did rallies in Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH.  We have a four-hour ride to spend the night in Cincinnati, OH, estimated time of arrival 11pm.  We depart 8am for a 9:45am rally in Madison, IN.  This is way too early in the tour for my butt to be sore, but it is.  No time to stop, so I nuked a burrito on the bus. While the pace and discomfort are challenging, reaching out to the patriots who attend our rallies makes it all worthwhile.  The fellowship is more rewarding than I can express. I am continuously inspired by all of you in the Tea Party movement -- all of you doing your part -- using your gifts, talents, and resources to stop Obama's evil agenda.  With diesel fuel at over $4.50 per gallon, I give a shout-out to Patriot Mark, who is following our buses in his truck. Awesome Ohio Tea Party organizer Lisa Woods is ill.  Lisa still came to our rally from the...(Read Full Post)