France heads to the polls in first round of presidential elections

With 10 candidates running for president in France, it is unlikely that anyone will receive 50% of the vote. That means that the top two finishers from today's first round of voting will face off on May 6 to determine the winner. Those two candidates are almost certain to be incumbent Nicholas Sarkozy and Socialist Fran├žois Hollande. And if polls can be believed, Sarkozy is in deep trouble. Hollande has a comfortable lead for the May 6 runoff election and the current president's chances are dimming as time goes on. France 24: At his last rally in Nice on Friday night, just hours before campaigning officially stopped, Sarkozy told his supporters that "the moment of truth" had arrived. Earlier Friday, in an uncharacteristically contrite interview with a French radio station, Sarkozy apologized for the "mistakes" he made following his election triumph in 2007, acknowledging that he did not immediately understand "the symbolic dimension of the role of president". The 2012 French...(Read Full Post)