Fracknation Documentary Film Raises Production Money Through Kickstarter

James Delingpole alerted readers to a worthy project: a documentary that extols the benefits of fracking, called "Fracknation." The producers are currently raising money through Kickstarter, the website that describes itself as "A New Way to Fund and Follow Creativity"-venture capital for small investors.

You can donate any amount -- linked through an Amazon account --and be listed as an executive producer in the film credits. So far 2,790 people have chipped in $188,000, surpassing the producers' goal of $150,000.

In addition to "Fracknation," Kickstarter also offers a chance to become a financial backer of "Mala Mala," a "gorgeous and thoughtful feature documentary exploring the lives of young transsexuals and drag queens in Puerto Rico" and " KENNY G: The Epic Movie Adventure." Maybe not.